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Hollow Anchors of Morality: Why morality requires free will and can't be explained by science alone 


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Updated 5/14/2021


New Novel: The Vapor Faction

04/03/2024 17:28
New novel coming soon, a futuristic dystopian detective story spanning the globe: The Vapor...

Tile Comics over 5,000 follows; T-shirts and more available

05/14/2021 13:06
Thanks to everyone who helped get Tile Comics over 5,000 followers.  I've added a merchandise...

Tile Comics passes 2,000 Instagram followers!

12/11/2020 16:18
Tile Comics now has over 2,000 followers on Instagram!  Come visit and enjoy some wholesome...

Radio interview on Hollow Anchors

07/24/2020 08:35
I was interviewed on Expedition Truth radio on July 23, 2020 to discuss my book Hollow Anchors of...

New book: Hollow Anchors of Morality

12/14/2019 14:39
My new book Hollow Anchors of Morality: Why morality requires free will and can't be explained by...

Tile Comics over 1000 followers

10/26/2019 11:31
Don't miss out on a single laugh!  Join over 1000 Tile Comics followers...

My new comic strip, Tile Comics

01/15/2018 10:35
Looking for laughery? Tile Comics is publishing weekly on instagram.  Click here to check it...

New edition of First Unseen

03/14/2015 18:35
The next edition of First Unseen is now available! New cover! Lower price! Author's...

Read the interview!

03/25/2014 21:55
An interview I submitted to a few months ago appeared on March 18 at...

Sat. May 11, 2013 book signing

04/19/2013 17:45
I'll be signing copies of First Unseen on:   Sat., May 11, 2013 from 1–3 p.m. Yogli Mogli...
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